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Category Archives: Healing

After a few hours scouring the forums and MMO-Champion, I have a pretty good idea of the basics of why Disc has no place in a raid right now.

1-We don’t have the numbers. Our AoE is lacking, out single-target is slow, and we have nothing comparable to other classes/specs.

2-Archangel forces you to heal with atonement, and while this is fun, it has very little throughput.

3-Versatility. We have none. We are like the third string QB, we can play in a pinch, but if you need to call us in, it’s likely the game is already lost.

This is all for the beta obviously, Live is a different story, one I don’t care about honestly. The fact that disc isn’t even slightly raid viable makes me sad, but I have faith that Blizzard will fix us up soon. I think one easy change they could make is have atonement heal up to three targets, each for the full damage of smite, or change focused will to something more useful. I truly hope Disc gets fixed, I’d like to not have to pick my shaman back up, I find disc is more my playstyle


Edit: I said Focused Will, I meant Strength of soul. Change it so Atonement heals also reduce WS by say, 2 seconds.