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I’m really enjoying doing the audio posts and doing almost everything through those, but I can’t help but feel like I should be doing more. I enjoy blogging in all it’s forms, and even though written posts may not be my forte, I’d like to do a few in between of my audio posts so I at least am doing something. The plan is to do anything that might entail visuals in a written post, i.e UI posts, I may start doing some video content once Cataclysm hits the shelves, things like that.

For now though, I’m going to continue with the audio posts like they are now and once I iron out what the written post are going to be about and how to format them, you could easily see a couple of them between each audio post. So for now, you get to enjoy the velvety smooth sound of my voice, and be caressed in your ear holes.




After a few hours scouring the forums and MMO-Champion, I have a pretty good idea of the basics of why Disc has no place in a raid right now.

1-We don’t have the numbers. Our AoE is lacking, out single-target is slow, and we have nothing comparable to other classes/specs.

2-Archangel forces you to heal with atonement, and while this is fun, it has very little throughput.

3-Versatility. We have none. We are like the third string QB, we can play in a pinch, but if you need to call us in, it’s likely the game is already lost.

This is all for the beta obviously, Live is a different story, one I don’t care about honestly. The fact that disc isn’t even slightly raid viable makes me sad, but I have faith that Blizzard will fix us up soon. I think one easy change they could make is have atonement heal up to three targets, each for the full damage of smite, or change focused will to something more useful. I truly hope Disc gets fixed, I’d like to not have to pick my shaman back up, I find disc is more my playstyle


Edit: I said Focused Will, I meant Strength of soul. Change it so Atonement heals also reduce WS by say, 2 seconds.

You may need to turn the volume up on this one. It was late and I didn’t want to wake anyone up.

This is the first of many phone posts that I’m going to be doing here. I didn’t expect it to actually work, so I didn’t plan anything out as you can tell by me not knowing what I’m trying to say. Diarrhea of the mouth folks, learn to love it. Enjoy this taste of my 12 year-old sounding voice rambling on about guilds, and not making a point